Zombie Grinder




Make mincemeat of as many zombies as you can


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Zombie Grinder is a two-dimensional action game inspired by the classic 'Zombies Ate My Neighbors' and 'Super Smash TV!' where you have to finish off all of the zombies that cross your path within a clean shot.

At your disposal you have different gameplay modes, like a single-player campaign where you have to overcome different levels plagued by enemies, co-op mode where you have to kick butt with the help of a friend, the classic horde mode where you have to hold out against waves and waves of enemies, and some others.

The mechanics of the game are very simple, as you only have to shoot everything that moves and keep from being hunted down by the zombies. Of course, for each zombie you kill you get experience and money, that will help your character to get better skills and buy new equipment, respectively.

The outstanding visuals of the game follow the classic 16 bit aesthetic, with pixelated characters and settings with a lot of care and tons of enemies flooding the screen.

Zombie Grinder is a very fun game that, especially for two players, can provide hours and hours of wild entertainment.